Corporate Academy development

Our client saw the opportunity in driving an operating model change through robust and effective Digital Marketing corporate academy training


  • Agile Dynamics working in partnership with the client to provide an end to end solution to support effective training and development of Digital Content Creators (influencers)
  • In 2020 a client approached Agile Dynamics to assist in designing and delivering a comprehensive end-to-end learning journey for Digital Content Creators at various stages of technical skills proficiencies
  • As experts in Digital Training and Development, Agile Dynamics set about designing a program that would not only deliver Digital Marketing results but also create the right mindset among students


  • Extremely tight deadlines have been established for design and develop phases to meet aggressive targets for the program start
  • The client was hard pressed to enhance its Digital Content Creators productivity and skills sets
  • It also needed to find a way of attracting the top talent among influencers
  • Client recognized that the institute had to sell on value, rather than features or price as well as provide the best student experience on the market


  • The first task was to generate a case for Digital Content Creators Institute development to secure necessary budget and support
  • Agile Dynamics developed a comprehensive business case base on the extensive market research to define business demand, and Agile Dynamics worked with the internal team to create a logical flow that demonstrated the link between the quality of curriculum, faculty engagement and student satisfaction outcomes
  • This was followed by pragmatic yet sophisticated needs analysis and program development that involved over 20 experts, accreditation bodies (local and international) as well as multiple internal stakeholders at various organizational levels
  • Our agile project management office ensured timely and quality delivery as per the highest standards


  • Designed and developed one of a kind Digital Content Creators program that takes students over 200+ teaching hours of blended learning covering eLearning, in-class teaching as well as on-the-job training and thought leadership sessions
  • Delivered on time and within the budget despite aggressive timelines
  • Achieved the highest standards of the curriculum by securing international accreditation of the program

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