HR Policy and Procedures development

Benchmarking and revamp of HR Policy and Procedures for a large construction and property development company in the UAE


  • A large construction and property development company in the UAE realized that employment frameworks have not been updated to keep pace with changes to the business and industrial relations environments in which they operate
  • Changes to legislation over time have not been identified, addressed and reflected appropriately in employment arrangements for both new and existing employees
  • They have engaged us to help them with benchmarking and revamp of HR Policy and Procedures


  • We have undertaken a number of organizational reviews designed to provide options for the future structures and functions for an organization as it reshapes itself to meet new or changed functions or changed budgetary parameters
  • Our overall methodology for these types of reviews is to follow a ‘form follows function’ or ‘structure follows strategy’ approach
  • This methodology focuses on clarifying the new functional or strategic outcomes sought by the organization being reviewed, and then to work through a process involving consultation and analysis, to determine the best structural option(s) available to support the delivery of the outcomes sought


  • Established need for a policy and developed policy content
  • Benchmarked against the global best practice and local legislation and draft the policy
  • Write the procedure
  • Review of the policy by key parties
  • Approve the policy
  • Implement the policy
  • Policy review and update
  • Communication of changes to the policy


  • Organization was able to effectively communicate values and expectations for how things are done
  • Ensured that the organization was n compliance with legislation and provided protection against employment claims
  • Documented and implemented best practices appropriate to the organization and sector
  • Delivered consistent treatment of staff, fairness and transparency
  • Helped management to make decisions that are consistent, uniform and predictable

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