Leadership Development

Developing people managers in the petrochemicals company to create a performance culture


  • An industry leader in the petrochemicals market decided to capitalize on this slow economic period by developing their existing and future leaders while simultaneously improving their business operations
  • They wanted to identify which areas its managers needed to develop and start advancing them toward the specified benchmarks
  • This overarching goals is to be the leading regional petrochemical company, known as employer of choice, trusted partner, committed to safety, the environment, our community, and to drive sustainable growth


  • The challenge for the client company was that it needed to evaluate and provide individualized developmental feedback to managers around core behaviors although their management structure was comprised from seconded, contract and expat employee populations
  • That meant that any development instruments or coaching frameworks had to link to client’s way of working regardless of the reporting structure for the managers
  • In addition, those development instruments, coaching services and other development materials and tools would have to be applied in a short period of time and very cost effectively despite challenges induced by global pandemic of COVID19


  • The program was kicked off by organizational culture assessment and team effectiveness evaluations, complimented by diagnostics driven by strategy, business performance and planning valuations
  • Agile Dynamics develop a Succession model in addition to Management Development program, that was rolled out to across the organization in accordance to aggressive timetable
  • Our assessment model was based on three pillars of employee potential (Aspiration, Engagement and Ability)
  • We brought about seasoned petrochemicals technical subject matter experts to conduct technical evaluations
  • Customized a 360-degree assessment by design, drawing from our competency library and mapping to client’s competencies
  • The managers received three hours of coaching, consisting of a two-hour face-to-face session with Agile Dynamics coach followed by a one-hour virtual alignment meeting with their boss and the coach as well as a full day group coaching session
  • Development plans were captured and customized


  • Over the course of the program Agile Dynamics and its coaches delivered more than 500+ hours of coaching to managers and HR staff
  • The participants who received coaching, and the executives who oversaw the program, said it produced significant value for the company

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