Operating Management System (OMS) development

Implementing an OMS at the refinery to mitigate risks, manage compliance and improve safety


  • The refinery underwent a €547M modernization program that enables it to produce Euro 5-quality petrochemical products
  • The capacity of the refinery, however, remains the same. Once completed the project was expected to increase total revenues by €270-300m annually
  • To ensure peak performance the organization was on the lookout for the creation of a bespoke OMS program based on the principles of values-based leadership to deliver a safe and reliable performance


  • An OMS is an integrated set of requirements, responsibilities and business processes that will continuously improve performance and help you achieve your goals
  • To ensure optimal performance a system requires knowledge of the interrelationships between all of the components within the system and of everybody that works in it
  • Client already had many policies, processes and procedures required for a Management System, so many of the OMS building blocks have been in place but lacked full integration
  • An efficient, timely and cost-effective way to implement was required


  • Agile Dynamics expert team provided an end-to-end solutions for an OMS, based on common management system regulations and standards such as CSA-Z662, NEB OPR, API RP1173, Integrity First, and relevant ISO Management System standards
  • Initial gap assessments and leadership awareness sessions
  • Mapping regulatory requirements and standards to the management system
  • Design of management system requirements, processes and roles and responsibilities
  • Company-wide implementation, training, assessment and continuous improvement


  • Incident prevention
  • Enhanced safety culture
  • Risk identification and management
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Operational performance
  • Organization collaboration
  • Stakeholder management

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