Organizational Culture change management

Agile Dynamics Partners
Defining a new culture for a new shared services and transformation company as a 100% owned subsidiary of a Leading UAE Bank


  • Leading regional bank developed a business case to build the region’s first Outsourcing and Transformation company, with a new name, brand, mission, vision and values
  • In order to fulfil the bank’s strategic objectives to reduce cost, increase quality and creating a market maker in the Outsourcing space the objective was to create a unique culture that supported the business model and strategy
  • Subsidiary had rapid growth plans, with a planned target headcount of 3,000 FTE to be absorbed from the parent company and another 6,000 to come from clients other than the parent company 


  • As the subsidiary grew from 20 to 3,00 FTE in the first two years, it absorbed staff with an existing and pervasive traditional banking culture from the parent company
  • Each new unit brought into the organization had its own specific subculture
  • To ensure talent mobility across the Banking Group, there was a requirement for cultures to remain somewhat connected
  • Many of the employees being moved to the subsidiary did perceived the move as a downgrade in brand


  • Culture Assessment & Value Alignment: conducted multiple Employee and Stakeholder Focus Groups including over 100 hours of Leadership workshops
  • Culture Statement Design: developed a culture statement that articulates the go forward BU culture and the key behaviors that demonstrate this culture
  • Action Plan Development: developed a culture action plan with specific steps leadership will take to demonstrate key behaviors that best reflect the go forward BU culture. 
  • Implementation: execute against action plan


  • Development of Mission, Vision, Values and Signature Behaviors
  • Designed a unique culture and operating model to run a high performing Outsourcing and Transformation business in the Middle East
  • Designed and delivered a comprehensive change program to support rapid growth from 20 FTE to 3,000+ FTE over an 24 -month period that was documented in a Harvard Business School Case Study
  • Designed and delivered a full fit out, exterior/interior design and branding (in full support of the target culture) of an award-winning Head Office building against a USD 14M budget

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