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Defining a new culture and change management strategy for a new shared services organization as part of a leading National Oil Company in the Middle East


  • Leading national oil company requested a full shared services solution design to deliver $1Bn in savings over a 10-year period without the need for headcount reductions
  • The company’s 2030 strategy set out a vision to create one integrated company; increasing efficiency of the business, improving collaboration and providing greater opportunities for its staff
  • In addition to a full operating model and shared services solution design, the company required a comprehensive change management strategy to move existing employees from the parent company into the new organization


  • The parent company was made up of multiple autonomous subsidiaries, each with each own distinct culture
  • The approach had to focus primarily on driving service quality improvements with a secondary objective of reducing cost
  • An explicit requirement to avoid any headcount reductions and outsourcing was put in place
  • Being a quasi governmental organization with strong involvement of the government, stakeholder engagement was critical


  • Change Assessment & Alignment: conducted interviews with over 250 senior stakeholders, including the C-Suite, to create solution awareness, whilst building effective relationships and buy-in with key stakeholders
  • Change Approach: developed comprehensive Change Strategy including redeployment framework, communication strategy and plan, culture mapping and change tracking methodology
  • Action Plan Development: developed a change action plan with specific steps for the organization to drive and monitor the change


  • Development Change Management strategy
  • Designed to-be culture and operating model 
  • Development of multi-year strategic roadmap with key performance indicators, financial business case and culture transformation journey

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