Organizational Design

Establishment of the governance and organizational structure in line with new strategic objectives


  • A government ministry responsible for the achievement of sustainability of the environment and natural resources in the country
  • Due to continues growth in scope and responsibilities governance and organization structure were under state of flux
  • The stakeholders expected flat and lean organization to be established to cope with legal and technical topics in the most effective ways


  • The challenge for the client organization was to achieve excellence in Corporate Governance and Organizational Design
  • To permanently meet the mix of
    – Strict legal regulations
    – Regulatory requirements
    – Softer best practice guidelines
  • Global applicability versus compliance with local jurisdiction
  • Timely implementation of best Corporate Governance and the Future State Structure throughout the organization
  • Internal controls and documentation
  • Knowledge transfer, stakeholders education and training


  • Performed benchmark of international best practices for governmental units
  • Defined the corporate governance setup, including:
    – Governance model
    – Interfaces with internal stakeholders
    – Performance management
  • Defined the organizational setup, including:
    – Organizational structure
    – Roles and responsibilities
    – Job architecture
  • Developed processes and operating manual for L1 and L2 activities
  • Agile Dynamics team of subject matter experts developed and delivered a comprehensive training model designed specifically for each tier of management


  • The structure of an organization is no longer viewed as a rigid definition of hierarchical levels and interrelationships among different groups
  • Leadership is using the organizational design process as a fundamental tool for implementing and communicating the strategic direction selected for the ministry

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