Organizational Design

An organization undergoing a transformation having a pipeline of improvements, subdivided into actions, owners, and dollars at stake - transformation through design thinking


  • Our client is a maritime sector leader and a master developer and manager of ports and industrial zones
  • It manages eleven commercial, logistics, community and leisure ports, including flagship deep-water ports
  • Our client was on the lookout for ways to drive enterprise wide transformation and  innovation, so we’re helping them establish the Enterprise Transformation Office (ETO)


  • With so much on the line, client organization had to shift their approach to ensuring they reap business value and desired business outcomes from business transformation initiatives
  • Across the maritime sector organizations report using standardized project management practices such as a traditional Project Management Office (PMO) as a solution of choice
  • But today’s transformations require more than status-tracking and risk escalation—it requires a robust capability that drives execution with a value-realization focus


  • Agile Dynamics designed an ETO built to improve execution confidence via a comprehensive approach across four areas: value, design, execution and business adoption
  • We used design thinking to build an ETO as a risk mitigation insurance policy on the most critical business transformation initiatives
  • An important role of the ETO was to ensure that all participants have a “single source of truth,” a transparent view of what flows through the pipeline and a central record of the progress of each initiative owner
  • The ETO reinforced the transformation culture at all times: during weekly TO meetings, at executive-committee meetings, in reports and updates, during problem-solving discussions, and in communications to the rest of the organization


  • In a digital age where transformation is essential to maintain competitiveness, a good ETO capability acted as a  muscle that the client organization required to maximize the value of their transformations
  • The ETO Agile Dynamics designed was built for more than just checking the boxes and managing deadlines—it meant shifting client’s frame of reference completely to one that emphasizes realization of value and business outcomes through transformation

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