Operating Model Design with Business Architecture

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  • October 7, 2024
  • 9:00 am - 2:00 pm GMT+4
  • Virtual Classroom
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Course outline

The enormous pressure stemming from technological changes and increased competitiveness is forcing companies in many industries to streamline their processes, make their structures as lean as possible, cut all unnecessary costs, and squeeze out the maximum profit margins. All of this needs to be done in the most efficient manner possible, while navigating companies on their trajectory of digital transformation. This sort of task is as hard and complex as it gets.

The practice behind development and implementation of target operating models within the ever-changing environment is based on understanding the relations between capabilities, value streams, underlying technology, organization structure, and human practices within a company. The discipline of Business Architecture provides the roadmap and tools necessary for mastering this task. Using the Business Architecture will surely help executives and managers to pave the path toward the success in transforming operations in a holistic manner.

This course focuses on the development of a target operating model within a transformational environment, looking at how organizations can successfully manage the transition from an existing way of working to a new operating model. The course builds on the business architecture methods taught in our popular Practical Application of Business Architecture course, diving deeper into the execution of an operating model transformation initiative.

Key course takeaways

After attending and participating in this course, you will be better able to:

  • Understanding the basic concepts related to operating model
  • Getting to know how to cross-map different domains of the Business Architecture
  • Learning how to approach optimization on the process and structure level
  • Getting insights into developing customer journey maps based on operating model
  • Learning how to make a transition toward target operating model


Develop a perspective on the broader business design, architecture and agile transformation road-mapping activities and where to use which discipline for maximum impact. Understand the context for business architecture and where to use it effectively to enable organizational learning. Establish a solid baseline understanding for the structure of business architecture frameworks and their value to the business. Determine feasibility and viability of investment efforts based upon complexity, value and impact. Understand how to define and prioritize an agile portfolio using techniques like Kanban, planning poker and NPV per story point.

  • Defining the operating model through the lenses of Business Architecture
  • Capability/value stream cross-mapping
  • Value stream/process impact
  • Process optimization
  • Capability/organization cross-mapping
  • Organization structure optimization
  • Creating coherency and alignment in your business to reduce duplication of effort and costs
  • Defining customer journey maps and how to link these with operating model to provide customer experiences
  • Transitioning toward target operating model
  • Putting the knowledge into practice – Demonstration of the real-life examples

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This course is helpful for anyone seeking to design the operating model using the Business Architecture framework and concepts. Managers involved in improving and transforming their operations, particularly if their work involves translating business or functional strategies into operating choices will find this course very useful. More specifically, this course is highly valuable for executives who are struggling to truly transform their operations to meet the demands of their customers, finance directors trying to support new ways of working while achieving the financial targets, HR managers looking to support the transition toward target operating model, IT people interested in driving technology changes by aligning IT architecture with the changes in value streams and processes, as well as anyone interested in application of the concepts and practices of Business Architecture.

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2024-10-7 2024-10-7 Europe/London Operating Model Design with Business Architecture This immersive and highly experiential two day course brings together elements of theory and practice to provide attendees with an interactive learning experience in applying business design (design, architecture and agile) to the development of an investment portfolio roadmap and backlog. Virtual Classroom
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