Business Architecture

Business Architecture

We provide custom-tailored solutions and services to support your Business Architecture efforts. Agile Dynamics Business Architecture Practice can expedite your business transformation and drive massive technology shifts, launch new divisions and give you a competitive edge over market leaders.

We also provide training and consulting to help you set up your own custom Business Architecture Practice.

Capability modeling is identifying the core capabilities that are critical in delivering an organization’s unique value proposition to the market. We closely work with our clients to identify and define the desired business outcomes and design the requirements for core capabilities.

Knowing the exact points of interaction with your customers and mapping out your customers’journey can pinpoint problems as well as strong points. It maps out every interaction from the initial contact to post-sale follow-ups to maximize your advantages and minimize or entirely eliminate problems.

Customer experience mapping takes into consideration the entire customer experience as a whole, while customer journey mapping helps organizations become more customer-centric. The customer journey map focuses on the experiences of a customer and helps the business analysis team to truly understand their target audience.

Well-defined and well-designed end-to-end business processes are one of the most important pieces of any business architecture. We apply deep capabilities and leverage Lean and Six Sigma principles to design efficient and cost-effective process architectures.

Consolidating back-office operations into one common shared services structure can enhance operational and cost effectiveness of various services such as Finance and Accounting, Sourcing and Procurement, Human Resources, Accounts Payable and Customer Service. However, there are many factors to take into consideration when designing a shared services structure. With decades of experience, we can help your design an effective shared services strategy.

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