Strategic Plan Development

A subsidiary of a leading national energy company required a strategy execution plan to kick off its journey to spin-off as a standalone private enterprise


  • Our client is one of the largest producers of electricity in the Middle East region
  • The company is built to secure a consistent supply of energy and ensure customer satisfaction in decades to come
  • One of the non-core subsidiaries has been primed as a corporate spin-off to liberate a parent company and a divested business unit from the capital and bureaucratic constraints, so they can pursue strategies they couldn’t otherwise
  • Agile Dynamics was engaged to facilitate and support the business leaders in strategic plan development


  • For a spin-off to truly succeed, both ParentCo and SpinCo (and their investors) should end up in a place better than the one where they started
  • The challenge of getting to a win-win outcome is often prompted by the business leaders who run into roadblocks when they make critical decisions about the structure of the arrangements between ParentCo and SpinCo and the execution of the spin-off itself—for instance, defining its scope, allocating talent and resources across both entities, and dealing with capital and stranded costs
  • To overcome these obstacles, a strategic plan was required to ensure achieving a win-win spin-off


  • Agile Dynamics team of experts led the executive team and a select group of additional senior managers through a comprehensive team-based Strategic Planning Process
  • Extensive interviews of the Executive Team provided, in the words of the CEO, a “needed and welcomed opportunity to ‘go from strategic and financial scenario analysis to stress testing the strategy,’” while a consolidated reporting of key interview themes provides them with “new and valuable insights” critical to moving forward
  • Guided by Agile Dynamics, executives conducted a comprehensive scan of the SpinCo operating environment and an assessment of the company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to serve as a context for planning
  • Next, our team of strategy execution experts led SpinCo senior executives through the rigorous planning process itself


  • SpinCo executives achieved consensus on company direction and developed concrete, corporate-wide goals, strategies, initiatives, timetables, and accountability structures to achieve their shared vision required for a quick transition toward growth, operational excellence, leadership time and attention focus, and development of culture and talent build and acquisition

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