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Emilija Vukovic
Professional Profile
  • Emilija is one of the Topic Leaders for Blockchain and Digital Healthcare at Agile Dynamics. Emilija has over ten years of experience in technology and operations strategy in the blockchain space, and healthcare
  • Emilija’s chief interest is in helping clients transform the way they deliver digital transformations; he enables them to use agile ways of working and embrace high performance practices to quickly and efficiently develop higher-quality solutions
  • Medical University of Belgrade; Doctor of Medicine – MD, Human/Medical Genetics
  • Faculdade de medicina do ABC – Brasil; Human reproduction, genetics, parasitologyhuman reproduction, genetics, parasitology
  • University of Belgrade; Master in Computational Finance, Computational Science.

Dr Emilija Vukovic, PhD, is an esteemed Topic Leader for using Blockchain in the Healthcare industry at Agile Dynamics. She Has worked in global companies oriented on incorporating Web3 in Web2 systems. She studied for a Master’s degree in healthcare management and computational finance. She champions agile methodologies and high-performance practices, assisting clients in adopting modern technologies. Emilija is the president of the Serbian Blockchain Initiative and a board member of the inaugural Supercluster for Web3 and blockchain technology.

Emilija’s approach to project management is characterized by meticulousness. She meticulously collects requirements, conducts thorough analysis, and transforms insights into actionable design plans. Her coordination of cross-country teams for development and process design is marked by a commitment to seamless collaboration and efficient execution, instilling confidence in the project’s success.

Emilija is proficient in executing comprehensive build, testing, and training processes, ensuring that solutions meet clients’ needs and expectations. She has a knack for creating functional and technical documents tailored to client requirements, facilitating clear communication and alignment throughout the project lifecycle.

Emilija’s dedication to her profession is unwavering. She takes full accountability for program execution and deliverables, leveraging her planning and communication skills to drive successful outcomes. Her passion for collaboration is evident in her active engagement with internal and external project teams, ensuring alignment and synergy across all aspects of the project. Her commitment to excellence is a constant source of inspiration, making her a valuable asset in any team or organization.

With a commitment to excellence, Emilija consistently demonstrates software functionality to clients and trainers, providing comprehensive training and support to facilitate smooth implementation. Her passion for Blockchain technology and ability to navigate complex project landscapes make her a valuable asset to any team or organization.


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